Who We Are

“It takes a village to raise a child and, within The Potter’s House walls, there are many, many villages and many, many families that all have capable minds; they all have capable hearts, and they all have capable hands.”

First Lady Serita Jakes

Our Mission

The Potter’s House IDD outreach is designed to serve, empower, and involve those with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD), alongside their families and caregivers. We believe every person is made in God’s image and has a place and purpose in God’s kingdom! In 2000, First Lady Serita Jakes, a leading voice for the IDD community, founded Gifted Stars to meet the diverse needs of the local church. Recently, The Potter’s House special needs ministry expanded its global impact by rebranding to Capable Minds, Hearts & Hands: The Potter’s House IDD Outreach, enhancing its service within the IDD community and creating more opportunities for IDD individuals and their families to thrive. Through custom programming, training, and community outreach programs, leaders can unlock their true potential and deepen their commitment to serving others. Our talents, skills, and compassion are embedded into the fabric of our church. We empower everyone to join God’s mission because, together, we are learning to embrace our unique gifts, worship Him with joy, and love our neighbors unconditionally. This is the gospel that has the power to transform us and our community through Capable Minds, Hearts, and Hands!

Our Pillars

Community Involvement

We commit to making a lasting and meaningful impact in our community through joining existing volunteer outreach efforts, creating new opportunities in underserved communities, and building collaboration amongst community partners.

Service Oriented

We demonstrate our act of compassion through our dedication for helping others with IDD in programming and initiatives. We will leverage opportunities to achieve the greatest impact for those with disabilities by creating internships to cultivate belonging, effectiveness, and diversity throughout the areas we serve.


We add value while appreciating differences and accepting uniqueness, through developing personal and professional skills and building meaningful relationships, ongoing education, support and self advocacy, and awareness.